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‘allb’ dreams about the advancement of infant care.

We are here to build a better future for all babies.

Even the smallest breath and the most minute movement are important to ‘allb’.

The device must be worn on the baby’s diaper to accurate receive the data. It has strong clips so that it won’t easily fall off the diaper.

‘allb’ monitors your baby’s health, so that you can focus on spending quality time with your baby.

The device monitors your child’s skin temperature, sleep pattern, and respiratory rate 24/7 and gives an alarm when it detects abnormal patterns.


We at ‘allb’ want to give only the best for you and your baby.

Our device comes in a variety of colors, because we respect your child’s inviduality.
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Product is designed by Yoon

In those moments when you can’t be with your baby, ‘allb’ connects you and your baby.

When you’re worried about how your child is doing, you can check through our monitoring function. Whether you are at the office or on a business trip, you can be connected with your baby.

Because we know how precious your baby is, we carefully considered even the smallest details to perfectly fit your baby.

It is made out of a non-toxic safety silicone and small enough to comfortably wear on a baby’s diaper.

‘allb’ records your baby’s growth and lets you compare with the data of other babies throughout the world.

Through our data analysis function, you can see your baby’s health patterns and compare with the data of other babies who have been stored our server.
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We at ‘allb’ dream of making a loving community to raise our babies together.

Through our chat function the whole family can share the joy of child rearing. Together with ‘allb’, we can all help carry some of the responsibility.

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‘allb’ has brought to realization the most innovative infant care system.

Our team collaboratively researched with pediatric experts to create our propietary ‘Insight’ system. Insight interprets the data gained uploaded via our cloud server to provide meaningful information for parents.
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Beta Tester’s Reviews

  • Testimonial
    I'm a dad with a one month old son who joined the beta testing of allb. I used it while at work and it was an awesome experience because I could check up on my son during my free time. I'm really looking forward to seeing the first launch of allb.
    JONATHAN HOFFMANfather of a 1 month old son
  • Testimonial
    I couldn't stop thinking about SIDS whenever my baby went to sleep so I bought another product to help me but it gave me too many false alarms. The staff of allb approached me after seeing my review and I gladly tested it against the other device. It quickly became evident why they chose to attach it to the diaper, because they said accuracy is their goal and they really nailed it! Good luck with the campaign because I really want to give allb to my friends at their baby showers!
    EMMA GREENSTEINmother of a 3 month old son
  • Testimonial
    I'm a working mother whose maternity leave just ended. After caring for my baby for half a year, I wouldn't have been ready to part with my baby if it wasn't for allb. With its monitoring and chat features, I checked up on the baby with my husband (who's taken his paternity leave) and felt reassured. It even brought my husband and I closer because we really feel that we are a team. Thank you for giving me this peace of mind allb!
    JENNIFER OWENmother of a 6 month old daughter

Product Specification

OS SupportiOS, android
NetworkBluetooth 4.0
SensorsGyro, Accelerator, Temperature
BatteryRechargeable Lithium-ion
ChargingMicro USB
MateiralMedical-grade silicone
Warranty1 year warranty

Do you want to help foster a form of infant care that will change the world?

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