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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I can’t find allb in the app store.

A. The allb app can be used with iOS8 or higher and Android 5.0 Lollipop or higher. If you are using an older version, you will not be able to find the allb app in the Apple or Google Play app store.

Q. allb won’t register to my smartphone. Even though I’m near the device, the bluetooth keeps getting disconnected. (Android User)

A. allb registers within the app itself, not with the bluetooth connected smartphone itself. If when trying to register all within the app itself, it still won’t register, then I will show you two different ways to solve the problem.

1) Turn the app off and on and then try registering again.

2) The following way applies only to Android users:

Samsung Smartphone: Settings > Application Manager > All > Bluetooth > Force Stop > Clear Cache > Delete Data > Restart Smartphone

LG Smartphone: Set up Your Phone > Apps > Right Menu Button > System Display Settings> Bluetooth > Force Stop > Clear Cache > Delete data > Restart Your Smartphone

In the event that you tried the above ways of fixing the problem and still can’t get it to work, try updating your Android software. (The method can vary a bit depending on your model.)

If after trying all of the above, you still can’t get it to work, please contact us at support@myallb.com.

Q. Bluetooth keeps getting disconnected.

A. Although the allb can be connected within 15m of the device, the range an be shortened depending on the obstacles in between allb and the smartphone. Accordingly, please try to keep your smart phone near your allb device for maximum connection strength.

Q. The stopped breathing alarm goes off a lot.

A. If allb is not properly attached to the baby’s diaper or waistband, it will also not be accurately picking up the baby’s adominal movements and breathing. This can result in many false alarms. Please make sure allb is properly attached and that the device is making proper contact with your baby’s skin. allb should be firmly attached to the diaper or waist band so that there is no movement.

Q. I want to check up on my baby at the daycare center.

A. Yes, that is of course possible. The daycare worker will need to download the allb app on his or her smartphone and send you a sharing request. Once you grant permission, they just need to stay within 15m of your baby and then you will be able to check up on him or her in real time. The father can likewise check up on him or her from work or a business trip, regardless of distance.

The Product

Q. Can allb be charged?

A. Yes, it can be. You don’t need to change the batteries. Just plug in the USB charging cable. allb can be used for about 5 days on one full charge.

Q. How long can be allb be used on one charge?

A. allb can be used for about 5 days on one full charge.

Q. What is the A/S warranty on allb?

A. allb has a 1 year warranty.

Q. Is allb waterproof?

A. With the exception of the USB port, allb is designed to be waterproof. So you can clean it off with a wet paper towel, but it’s better to avoid submerging allb in water.

Q. Does allb omit any electromagnetic waves?

A. Because it is an electronic device, there is no way to avoid exposure to electromagnetic waves. However, since we value your baby’s health and safety, we have developed allb to wirelessly communicate with Bluetooth 4.0 (Low Energy), which is several times weaker than WiFi. It was developed to transmit data once a minute, for only 1 second, minimizing the exposure time of electromagnetic waves.

Q. How do you turn off the stopped breathing alarm?

A. While we do not recommend turning off the alarm, if you should need to do so, there are two ways. You can either shake the allb device quickly with your hand or one of the parents can turn off the alarm through the allb app.

The App

Q. Does the allb app work with both iPhone and Android devices?

A. Yes, the allb app is supported on all iOS and Android devices.

Q. How many baby’s can be registered for allb?

A. You can register up to 12 babies to one account. In the event that you want to register 13 or more, please contact us at contact@myallb.com.

Q. How many people can I register as guardians for my baby?

A. There is no limit.

Q. Can I check up on my baby at work too?

A. Yes, you can. As long as someone running the allb app on their smartphone is within 15m of the device, you can check up on your baby while at work or on a business trip regardless of distance. However, of course there should still be a parent or guardian near your baby in case anything goes wrong.