Recent Updates from allb: App Version 1.4 Update and Product Launch on the U.S. Amazon

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allb App 1.4 Version Update: The Main UI/UX Changes

When we made allb, we had envisioned people working together cooperatively for infant care. Thus, we made a friends tab where you could request sharing and setup a network with your friends and family. But after looking at the data, we found that it was rare for users to add friends or request sharing. The friends tab was also using up a spot on the UI that made accessing the baby portrait screen take longer.

That being the case, we rearranged the UI/UX of the app so that you can check your baby’s status and graph more quickly. In the update, the first tab is now the baby’s status and the second is the graph. If you want to add other babies, you can still access their information through the menu at the top left.

allb’s Launch in the U.S. Amazon Store

allb started on Kickstarter in March last year and began selling our product on our official website this year. allb is now available in the U.S. Amazon store.

“Alexa, tell me my baby’s status”

We are planning to integrate allb with Amazon Echo in the next update. Then you will be able to check on your baby just using your voice with the allb.


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