5 Reasons Why You Should Use allb

Designed to be Safe In baby monitor market, there is a rising anxiety about baby monitor hacking incident. However, allb eliminates the risk of such occasion. We consider the safety of our users very seriously, thus we always make sure that … Continue Reading

Survey to enhance allb, making it more suitable to your needs.

Let Us Know Your Opinion We admit that the first version of allb’s app and firmware had many issues that had to be worked out. Since our first shipment, we have labored and fixed many of the problems and made … Continue Reading

Recent Updates from allb: App Version 1.4 Update and Product Launch on the U.S. Amazon

allb App 1.4 Version Update: The Main UI/UX Changes When we made allb, we had envisioned people working together cooperatively for infant care. Thus, we made a friends tab where you could request sharing and setup a network with your … Continue Reading