Cordless and Easy to Use allb.

Designed to be Safe

In baby monitor market, there is a rising anxiety about baby monitor hacking incident. However, allb eliminates the risk of such occasion. We consider the safety of our users very seriously, thus we always make sure that your stored historical data will not be leaked.

Furthermore, allb uses medical grade silicone similar to the ones used in pacifiers to ensure there won’t be any irritations. To prevent swallowing or choking, allb also designed slightly larger and cordless. Designed slightly larger to prevent swallowing or choking and cordless to ease the complexity of usage.

Dedicated for Busy Parents

Through the help of IoT, allb enables you to check on your loved ones even in distant. Make sure that at least one device is connected through Bluetooth (the range is up to approximately 15m) with allb and the application will show you the real time reading.

allb encourages families to raise babies together as interconnected communities, helping to share the awareness that child care is not the task of one person. We are rooting for the outstanding mothers out there!


Planning to travel with your little one? Worry not!

Equipped with Various Features

allb gives you the customized analysis specific to your baby. It also has an alarm function operating 24/7 as it monitors your baby’s skin temperature, sleep patterns, respiratory rate and prone position detection.
Whenever the baby’s temperature rises, please keep track of the symptoms in the allb application. Through the application, you could record 22 symptoms including runny nose, cough, and fever. During the hospital visit, you could show the records to the doctor to get more accurate treatment.


Need to travel somewhere with your precious one? In a new environment, your baby could be exposed to numerous bacterias, leading to change in his/her condition. However, you do not need to worry as allb is highly portable and easy to clip. Moreover, after one hour of charging, the device could go on up to around 5 days.
Designed to be your perfect partner in parenting, allb with the long battery lifespan and lightweight features enables you to monitor your loved ones anywhere, anytime. Toss allb together with the mint pouch alongside with your baby’s favorite sleepwear and you are ready for your journey!

Raise SIDS Awareness

Do you know that in 2015 SIDS resulted in about 19,200 deaths of infants worldwide? SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) is an unexplained sudden death of an infant less than one-year-old, this syndrome is especially prone for babies around 2-4 months.
This is devastating for families especially the exact cause of death could not be explained even after autopsy nor thorough investigation. allb helps parents to minimize the risk of SIDS together by sending you an alarm when something is amiss.
(*allb is not a medical device. It is a safety device to assist in infant care. This device was not made to prevent any illness, injury or disability.)


“Our vision is to raise babies in a lovely community, thus we are pouring a great deal of effort and endlessly strive to improve our features.”

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