• the Smart Connection Between
    You and Your Baby

allb, a Smart Wearable Device for Your Baby

allb is a wearable baby monitor that utilizes the emerging IoT technology to connect you and your loved ones anywhere, any time.
Originally made with pediatrician, allb allows you and your family to check up on your baby
in real time through your smart phones and alerts you if anything is amiss.

Lovingly Designed with Your Baby in Mind

A product made for your baby that you can trust.

Polycarbonate Plastic

It is made of polycarbonate plastic which is used in medical equipment and has a durable structure that can withstand frequent shocks.

Non-toxic medical grade silicon

allb is made with non-toxic medical grade silicon that has a track record of being safe for babies’ sensitive skin.

Designed to be safe in a variety of situations

The internal structure is designed so that even if the diaper becomes saturated with urine or if the baby is submerged in water, the device will still be safe and continue to work.

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Infant Health Monitoring for Your Baby

From 0-24 months, you can use allb to conveniently check up on your baby.
allb frees you from worry, so that you can focus on enjoying the time with your child.

Respiration Measurement

Have you ever worried whether your baby is breathing well while he or she sleeps? allb closely monitors your baby’s abdominal breathing and sends an alert to your smart phone and emits an audible alarm if your baby stops breathing.

Sleep Logging

Baby’s sleep patterns are very important. There is a deep relationship between your baby’s health and sleep time. Through the allb app, you can easily record your baby’s sleep times and check on them through a graph in the app.

Skin Temperature Measurement

Since baby’s cannot express when they are cold or hot, they use crying to communicate. allb provides real time skin temperature monitoring.

Prone Position Detection

Sleeping in the prone position increases the rate of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). Accordingly, allb records how long your baby sleeps in the prone position and sends you an alert if it is excessive.

Graph & Customized Childcare Insight

allb records your baby’s condition daily. allb Insight meaningfully interprets your baby’s health data and provides a graph to help you understand and make sure your baby is developing healthily.

Sharing Function

Have you ever worried about how your baby is doing when you aren’t around? Through the allb app you, your family, and your selected friends can check up on your baby anytime, anywhere.