In this large scale app update we improved the detailed sleeping respiration graph and we reimplemented the graph for the 24 hour realtime monitoring of your baby’s skin temperature and activity.

Realtime sleeping respiration graph design completely redone

Are you worried about whether your baby is breathing well while he or she sleeps? The graph shows a comparison of your baby’s recorded respiration with the average for baby’s of the same age. Your baby is represented by the mint green line, and the white line is the average. Looking at the mint green line, you can watch your baby breath in real time. Before, the graph was small and it was difficult to see small changes. In this update, we have enlarged and widened the graph to make it easier to see these changes. After configuring your baby’s age in the settings, you will be able to see how he or she compares to baby’s of the same age and see whether his or her respiration is unhealthy or troubled.

Skin Temperature Timeline & Symptom Record

Normally, if your baby seems to be ill and running a fever, you have to measure his or her temperature every two hours, which wakes him or her up. But now with allb, you can avoid interrupting your baby’s sleep by utilizing the improved real time skin temperature monitoring. Measuring your baby’s skin temperature from the abdomen, near the heart, allb records a realtime timeline within the app. After wearing allb for 5 days, you can easily compare the recently recorded skin temperature with the closest recorded skin temperature information. In the event of illness, allb also records your baby’s symptoms so that you can present the data to your doctor if a hospital visit is necessary.

Sleep Logging and Activity Tracking

Babies need to sleep well for their healthy development, but they also need to be active to develop their muscles, brains, and motor skills. That’s why allb records your baby’s sleep and activity day and night. You can then check and compare by date. In addition to being useful for health monitoring, these feature is also helpful for sleep training.

Miscellaneous Updates

We have improved the alarm. Now, in addition to the alarm from the device, your smartphone will also emit an audible alarm. We wanted to prevent a situation in which the parent was not in the room to hear the alarm and also did not see the alert message. So now, if your baby stops breathing for more than 30 seconds, your smart phone will emit a 30 second alarm.

allb is the first wearable baby monitor to successfully monitor respiration, skin temperature, and activity at the same time with one device. Rather than loading up allb with as many functions as possible, we have chosen to focus on the necessary things that will help you take care of your baby. Though allb is small, we hope it will be a big benefit to you and your family. allb, a little help for the parents of the world.


*Compatible with iOS 8 or higher and Android 5.0 Lollipop or higher

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