allb, an Infant Wearable Device

allb is a smart wearable baby health monitor for 0-24 month old infants.

● One-size-fits-all respiration monitoring
● Realtime respiration graph provided (Watch your baby's breathing in real time like CCTV.)
● Skin temperature graph provided
● Sleep pattern graph provided
● Receive immediate notifications about your baby's health.

*allb is not a medical device. It is a safety device to assist in infant care. This device was not made to prevent any illness, injury, or disability.

Once attached to your baby’s diaper or waistband, allb monitors skin temperature, respiration, and whether he or she is sleeping in the prone position. Additionally, allb also has a sleep logging function to keep track of your baby’s sleep times. If the device detects an apnea longer than what is acceptable, allb will sound an audible alarm and send an alert to your smartphone. allb was created so that parents can have peace of mind and focus on enjoying the time with their babies.

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